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Mesotherapy & Nanopore Micro-needling

Mesotherapy & Nanopore micro-needling are our newest and most sought after non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, excellent for rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What is Mesotherapy & Nanopore, Microneedling?

This Nanopore Micro-needling & Meso therapy treatment is the next generation on from Dermaroller and Dermapen. The rapidity of the micro-punctures and the fact that the needles do not vibrate means that no anaesthetic cream is required and the number of pulses per second is increased to 150. This means that we get 900 micro-punctures per seconds, making the treatment very effective.

The recovery after a treatment is also considerably reduced. The fact that the device is used to push the active ingredients into the skin (mesotherapy) means that the results are even better. A mask that compliments the mesotherapy solution can then also be used.

What can Mesotherapy & Nanopore, Microneedling treat?

Large pores
Sagging skin
Stretch marks
Hair loss

All of the conditions, bar the hair loss, require the body to produce collagen. The mesotherapy cocktail contains the building blocks and products appropriate for the condition they are treating.

How many session's will I need?

An initial course of 4-6 treatments a month apart are required. The results due to the collagen stimulation continue to appear for about 3 months after a treatment.

We offer a free consultation to all our clients where we will be able to give you a more accurate idea of what to expect.

What does it feel like?

It feels comfortable with no need for aneathesetic. Some clients comment that “it makes their nose tickle, and makes them feel like they will sneeze” Some areas will be felt a little more than others but this treatment is comfortable. The redness on the face has often subsided within a few hours. If it persists mineral makeup can be used. Treatment on the neck and body tend to stay red for a bit longer. Depending on the strength of the products used after the treatment there may be peeling for up to a week.

Why is Nanopore more effective than ordinary skin care products & ordinary mesotherapy solutions?

Developed by dermatological and pharmaceutical specialist Dr Serrano, the revolutionary nano-technology uses ‘encapsulated’ active ingredients such as Retinol or Vitamin C which allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Because of the nano effect this is the equivalent of using ten times the strength of the active ingredient working where it is most needed beneath the skin, yet without the aggressive side effects on the skin surface.

Where is the clinic?

 Horsham Road, Capel, Surrey, RH5

Free parking facilities and easily accessible from the A24. Below are some estimated travel times by road:

Horsham – 15 minutes            Dorking – 15 minutes
Cranleigh – 20 minutes           Crawley – 20 minutes
Leatherhead – 25 minutes        Reigate – 25 minutes
Guildford – 35 minutes           Worthing – 40 minutes
Brighton – 50 minutes             Reading – 1 hour 20 minutes


Nanopore, Micro-needling and Mesotherapy


Dry micro-needling individual treatment face only

Dry micro-needling course of 4-6 treatments face only

Micro-needling & mesotherapy individual face only

Micro-needling & mesotherapy course of 4-6 treatments face only

Add a mask

Body treatments individual

Body course 4-6 treatments









£575 -£870



£655 – £985



What our clients say

  • “I suffered from acne since my late teens until recently which left horrendous scarring. I’ve just had my 3rd treatment and I’m extremely over the moon with my results so far .No more breaks out and smoother complexion.”

    Marie from Surrey

  • ” I have suffered from acne for many years and it left me feeling very negative about my skin. I always have to wear very thick foundation. I have had a course of six treatments and the scarring looks a lot less and if I get any spots they come and go much quicker. My skin is smoother and looks completely different that I can now wear a very thin layer of tinted SPF rather than foundation. I can’t stop looking at myself”

    Annie from Horsham

  • “I had an indepth assessment of my skin as I did not like the acne scarring left on my face, and open pores and spots. Sarah  explained that if we looked at the face as a whole and treated not only the sun damage, but my scarring etc to it would give a much better result. She was 100% correct it’s been amazing. The results overall have been brilliant and the pigmentation part with the laser was so easy and surprisingly the micro needling is a nice treatment too ! Thank you Sarah I will continue with all the good work you have done for me”

    Selina from Goldalming