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Laser Acne Scar Removal

Get rid of acne scars with the revolutionary Elite laser. What once was considered to be there forever has now become removable.

How does the treatment work?

The Elite laser is proven laser technology which is fantastic for acne scar reduction. This laser utilises an extremely high level of changeable energy settings, enabling highly effective procedures with increased safety.

The unique  technology is delivered through this medical grade laser ensuring a comfortable treatment.

Stimulates collagen and the healing process

The heat from the laser will stimulate a healing response in the skin. The laser will penetrate the skin and target the collagen and fibroblasts. This will strengthen elastin and plump up the skin, the edges and depth of the scar will soften which improves the overall appearance of the scarring.

What results can I expect?

The treatment will take 20-40 minutes depending on the area to be treated. The skin will feel a warmth or a tingling sensation during the treatment, and the skin will appear red  immediately afterwards but will dissappear within 3 hours, so no real down time for you. You will look more like you have been to a hard exercise class! You will require a course of on anywhere between 3 and 8 treatments depending on the depth and level of scarring.

Who is it for?

As everyone is different and we all have individual requirements you will be invited for a free consultation prior to this treatment where your individual program will be discussed and explained thoroughly. During your consultation we also carry out a test patch and discuss before and aftercare.

As long as no reaction occurs treatment can being 24 hours after your test patch

Where is the clinic located?

Horsham Road, Capel, Dorking, Surrey, RH5

Free parking facilities and easily accessible from the A24. Below are some estimated travel times by road:

Horsham – 15 minutes            Dorking – 15 minutes
Cranleigh – 20 minutes          Crawley – 20 minutes
Leatherhead – 25 minutes      Reigate – 25 minutes
Guildford – 35 minutes           Worthing – 40 minutes
Brighton – 50 minutes             Reading – 1 hour 20 minutes



Individual Scarring

Full Face Treatment

Courses are  available

Combined laser and micro needling courses can be tailor made

Acne scarring  treatments are priced accordingly to the size of the scarring. Please have a free consultation to get your personalised quote.This treatment is fantastic to mix with Nanopore|Micro-needling & Mesotherapy



from £90


Special Offers

Buy a course of 5 laser treatments and receive ONE FREE!

What our clients say

  • “Before having treatment with Sarah I hated my skin, it made me feel very self conscious. Having suffered with acne for the last 7 years and trying numerous different treatments without much success I felt like it was just something I would have to put up with.

    I had a course of 5 treatments each being a week apart. After the first treatment I could see improvements, my pores where smaller and skin looked much smoother.

    The treatment tended to bring out any pustules up to the surface where they would then heal a lot quicker than normal. The treatment itself isn’t painful, a little bit uncomfortable at times. I felt that I was in safe hands with Sarah, she explained and talked me through everything thoroughly and always made sure I was Ok. By the time I had my 5th treatment my skin had really improved I even popped out without make-up on! My skin wasn’t lumpy and angry anymore it was smooth and calm. I still had some scaring but nothing like it was before I started the treatment. Its now been a few weeks since my last treatment and my skin is still looking great!”


  • I am in my late 30’s and suffered from acne when I was growing up, which left pitting, old red and brown marks plus I had pigmentation problems to. I signed up for a course of mixed treatments which was fantastically made just for me. Wow I look so different I wish I had done it years ago because now I can go without make, and my skin look really really good. My husband can see a real difference in my skin and is so happy for me. Thank you Sarah”  

    Sasha from Hindhead

  • I had have and still get break outs of acne and my skin never seems to look nice. After my consultation I had a course of  mixed treatment and some home care and my skin looks probably the best it has in years. Sarah has taught me so much about my skin and why it does certain things so I understand more about how to look after it well. The clinic is so model and fresh that it is a real treat going”

    Agnes from Horsham