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Anti-ageing Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

Defy the signs of ageing skin and redefine your natural beauty with a laser treatment from one of the South East's most reputable laser clinics.

Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

It's never too late-or too early

The effects of ageing begin earlier than you may think. After the age of 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen each year. Combined with the cumulative effects of sun exposure, those unwelcome fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots may seem inevitable. The Elite laser can remove those unwelcome signs of ageing, making a noticeable difference to these unwanted area’s, at any age.

How does it work?

You can defy the effects of time and ageing with a Elite Skin Revitalization treatment.  The Elite uses gentle pulses of light to deliver energy to your skin, targeting and removing unwanted discolorations, including freckles, sun spots, and age spots.

The Revitalisation treatment is known to have the added benefit of gently heating the surrounding tissues, which stimulate collagen and elastin production.

What area's can we treat?

This treatment can be used on the face, and is especially effective around the lips, eyes and decollete, but is also good for the hands.

This laser treatment also results in collagen stimulation and regrowth of elastin in the dermis, giving your skin a smoother, more youthful look and feel. The skin will tighten and and open pores will reduce in size.

What results can I expect?

The treatment will take 20-40 minutes depending on the area to be treated. The skin will feel a warmth or a tingling sensation during the treatment, and the skin will appear red  immediately afterwards but will disappear within 3 hours, so no real down time for you. You will look more like you have been to a hard exercise class! You will require a course of 4-6 treatments, but also great for a one off or pre party treatment.

Who's it for?

As everyone is different and we all have individual requirements you will be invited for a free consultation prior to this treatment where your individual program will be discussed and explained thoroughly. During your consultation we also carry out a test patch and discuss before and aftercare.

As long as no reaction occurs treatment can being 24 hours after your test patch.

Where is the clinic?

 Horsham Road, Capel, Surrey, RH5

Free parking facilities and easily accessible from the A24. Below are some estimated travel times by road:

Horsham – 15 minutes            Dorking – 15 minutes
Cranleigh – 20 minutes          Crawley – 20 minutes
Leatherhead – 25 minutes      Reigate – 25 minutes
Guildford – 35 minutes           Worthing – 40 minutes
Brighton – 50 minutes             Reading – 1 hour 20 minutes



Full facial

Full facial and chest




Special Offers


This treatment can be teamed up with Mediderma Nanopore, micro needling  & meso therapy treatment for that extra special anti ageing effect.

What are clients say.....

  • I had developed worry lines between the eyebrows and I felt I needed some me time and some pampering. Sarah and I choose a laser facial, see my full story on ‘Clients Stories” page.

    I would just like to thank Sarah for making me feel so much happier and better about myself. She truly is a star!

    Rachel from Caterham

  • “I have been recommended to Sarah by my friend, and I have not been disappointed in any way. When I had my consultation I found I didn’t really know what I needed so Sarah put together a tailor made facial course. I had some laser facial’s and nano pore & Meso therapy treatments. I have also followed the home care regime that Sarah gave me. I think the difference is really good from my initial photos, and people always say that I look really well.” 

    Sandra from Cowfold

  • “I have been having laser facials with Sarah for a while and the difference in my skin is brill. My angry lines don’t look so angry and the overall texture has improved. Sarah is hugely knowledgeable and always a true professional in her beautiful clinic.”

    Samantha from Hinchley Wood