What if I have to change or cancel my appointment?

The need to change or postpone can happen occasionally and we understand this. Please give us the curtosity of 48 hours notice so we can give your appointment time to another client, otherwise you will forfeit your treatment. If not on a course  you will be charged for that treatment.

Can you make me look younger?

Yes, we can improve many aspects of the face and body. These can be improving fine lines and wrinkles, texture of the skin, ageing pigmentation, unwanted hair,  and unsightly veins. All treatments will make you glow and feel confident…and make you look younger!

How red will my skin be after treatment with the laser?

Everyone is slightly different but most people look a flushed pink that will subside significantly within three hours. You can resume your normal daily activities straight away.

Is there any special after care I need to be aware of?

Yes. Aftercare is essential and we will guide on your individual requirements.  It allows us in the clinic to give you the best treatment available. Each treatment carries slightly different aftercare, and if you need products we can supply you with them too so no further shopping  needed.

What treatments can you do for scarring?

We have a range of different options which would depend on where and what type of scarring you have. These can include Mediderma nanopore micro-needling, peels and Laser Acne scarring treatment. As we tailor all our treatments a free consultation would be best.

Can I go in the sun when I have had laser treatments?

Unfortunately not. The skin can hold onto heat and could cause a negative reaction. You will be fully informed about this within your consultation, and appointments can be arranged around holidays so any inconvenience is kept to a minimum

Does Laser hair removal hurt?

It feels like an elastic band snapping on you and a warmth, however we have cold air to remove the warmth so it feels comfortable.

Is there parking at the clinic?

Yes you can park directly outside for free.

Can you treat a dark skin type?

Yes, we can accommodate a dark skin type. The Cynosure Elite model we use has two lasers so we can treat the correct skin type with the correct laser.

Is laser the same as IPL?

No they are two very separate things. Laser will penetrate deeper into the skin, but does it saftey. This means that is can target the base of the hair follicle and disrupt it enough so the hair growth cycle is effected.  Laser will require less treatments so you get greater satisfaction. All aspects of the laser’s we work with  are clinically proven. They are safe for all skin types, and we always use cold air which ensures your skin is the safest it can be.

I don't want laser treatment, what else can you offer?

If you do not want to have a laser treatment we offer fantastic product based alternatives. These can be the Mediderma nanopore micro needling and meso therapy  treatments, Mediderma peels, semi permanent make up, electrolysis or our range of beauty treatments.

Do you sell products and aftercare?

Yes, absolutely. I sell all aftercare products that I recommend for you. I use Sesderma clinically proven skin range, along with Arbonne for body and vitamin drinks, and pure aloe vera so all your needs are catered for.

I work full time, do you do later appointments?

Yes I have a late night on Thursday, and open on a Saturday.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do. We offer split payment on your course providing the total course value is greater than £500. This payment form does come with some terms and conditions which will be explained fully in a consultation.

Does Micro needling hurt?

No. There is no need for any topical anaesthetic. The needle length can be altered each treatment and according to each client. You can feel the vibration and a very slight dragging. The skin feel ultra smooth afterwards because of the Meso therapy solution.

I am nervous about semi permanent make up?

Please don’t be nervous there is no need. We  are specialists in this field and you will be guided throughly through each procedure.