Well, where do we start with this story.

I recieved an email and telephone call recently telling me that I have been nominated for an award from a company TMP who hold yearly Best Business Awards, and I have been selected for the category of Best Aesthetics 2018. As the telephone call carries on I also find out that it is a client that has actually put the nomination forward on my behalf.  I have been really pleasantly surprised and touched that someone has taken the time to do that .

I now go through to a shortlist . I have to put together a presentation on the clinic which  goes forward to a judging panel. I also have the chance to ask people to vote for me. There comments will also be taken into consideration by the judges. If I am successful I will be invited to an awards ceremony at The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London mid December.

I work hard to ensure that the clinic is highly professional but approachable with clinically proven technology that truly works, and so its beyond gratitude that people agree with me.

If you would like to vote for me I would be hugely grateful and incredible delighted, please click on the image below or the link. Remember to add the clinic name so your vote will count for me. I will be writing another short blog as an update later in the year to let you know how I have got on.


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Sarah Horwood

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